Artist Statement


I am an early career Adelaide-based glass artist and designer, currently working out of JamFactory.

My current arts practice is heavily influenced by traditional Italian glassblowing techniques and the technical proficiency inherent in the process of making.

Though utilising Italian patterning techniques within my work, I look more to a minimalist aesthetic for inspiration, focusing on clean lines and a muted pallet.

I draw inspiration from the urban and natural landscape, and strive to bring a element of the handmade into all aspects of my work; both my functional design-ware and my developing exhibition work.

Utilising traditional techniques, in particular, the extensive patterning, delicate line-work and possibilities of cane work, my exhibition work is drawing inspiration from my natural surroundings, looking closely at lines and shapes found within the landscape.

Glassblowing is grounded in the traditions of factory work and making multiples, this history directly influences what I produce today as a maker; paying homage to the origins of the material while bringing a modern aesthetic, using traditional techniques in a different way to create a name and aesthetic true to myself. I am especially drawn to traditions of the vessel, and designs qualities highlighting the structural make-up of an object.

I am strongly influenced by the inherent beauty involved in the act of making; my love of glassblowing and the material drives the work I create.